Plastic Projections

Plastic Projections
The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Residency
Changdong, Seoul
Cast porcelain avocados that are coated in glass bead and resin are elevated in this installation on two plinths that represent an alter-like status, yet are the dimensions are that of a standard kitchen island. Large reels of thread push the height of these plinths to eye level, encouraging a closer inspection of the uncanny handling of everyday objects. The green fabric used to encase the avocado seeds is the same fabric used on construction sites to wrap scaffolding. This element of the installation seeks to further draw on design within the everyday by copying the design of traditional Korean egg baskets that line the eggs in a row separated by natural straw material. Yoga blocks and exercise bands are used as props for the avocados to continue this questioning of visceral bodily pursuits to find contentment within our states of being.

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