Last Year’s Crop

The Salon at The Wing, London
Featuring Last Year's Crop
Despite their undeniable influence, female identifying artist  have long faced the same exclusion and marginalization as they have in other industries. The works in the current exhibition in The Salon at The Wing stands as a statement to the power and creative force of these artists.

Curated by consultant and member Lolita Cros, the shows include over 300 artworks by 113 female artists. Similar to the warmth of a collector’s home, the viewer is privy to the unique experience of seeing fashion photographers and painters displayed alongside sculptors and illustrators. Bringing established, and up and coming artists together, Cros assembled the works to interact with each other, outside of the traditional hierarchy of the art world. 

The show captures a dialogue between artist of varying ages, identities, and nationalities — reflecting the heterogeneity of The Wing’s mission and members. Breaking down the barrier between the art world and the everyday, The Salon creates a space for members and guests to engage with important personal, political, and societal issues through the lens of art. 

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