Keep It Clean

Solo Exhibition
Manarat Al Saadiyat
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Can we trust the media to keep their platforms clean during elections? Will legislations change to clean up our planet? During our current climate of worldwide public outcry for transparency and exposure of dirty play, can the gender gap be cleared?

The domestic kitchen sponge is a motif to explore the taboo that the domestic sphere carries for some women in the workplace. Colours from the Emirati sunsets and forms, inspired by the beautiful yet impossible abundance of water, float around to covertly bring the female form to view.

There’s a teasing visceral mimicry of domestic forms, licks of pink expand from a kitchen splash back to support porcelain sponges that await as tools for censorship or the cleanliness. This erasure and absorption of colour stands as both a command and request for equality and exposure, Keep It Clean!

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©2020 Emma Corrall