I Will Take A Few Deep Breaths And Find A New Way Of Thinking About It        

Length: 04.17 min 

Exhibited in a solo show titled 'I Left Enough Room For Dancing'
Supported by Seongbuk Art Commons, Seoul
The work ‘I Will Take A Few Deep Breaths And Find A New Way Of Thinking About It’ explores the volatile nature of anticipating and planning for the future. Both hope and anxiety dwell beside whole-hearted plans for greatly awaited events. The video questions the desire to seek out travel plans and notions of idyllic palm trees alongside the quest for pursuing spiritual fulfillment. The work aims to address the idea of projecting your mind to a time where you will feel contentment. Source material for the choreography is often derived from yoga or the fitness industry, where individuals adopt a self imposed intensity through practice and repetition to ally ideas and goals more viscerally within their minds. The stability of habitual behaviour and the irrational nature of intuition are presented without hierarchy. The aim of refusing to qualifying or make a distinction between familiar routine and instinctual behaviour is to remove the sense of expectancy and to open up a new space without any pressure to perform. The soundtrack to this video is composed by Seayool Kim who confronts and explores the rarified nature of traditional Korean instruments.

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